Christmas 2011

I’ll be honest, I’m starting to feel old, it’s not that I’m tiring of Christmas, it’s more that I simply know what to expect from it each year.  There’s very little magic left in the season, it even seems to hold little wonderment for children these days. 

Now before you write me off as some old-timer bemoaning the fact that things “were better in my day”, know this: I’m 24, in a happy, stable relationship, good job, a little jaded with current politics but still optimistic that we will recover from the recession (double, triple, quadruple or quintuple-dip though it may be).

I could use this opportunity to launch into a diatribe about the “Hallmark Holiday”, the consumerisation of the entire festive season starting in late January and ending at 9pm on Christmas Eve, but I won’t, you’ve heard it before, and probably from sources more eloquent than myself.  Instead, I think the season has lost it’s magic simply because we, as a society, are better-informed, more cynical, more discerning in our tastes.  We have reached the point where we’d rather have the money than a gift from a loved one, which isn’t to say that it isn’t appreciated, it’s simply that our tastes have developed to a point that the only person who knows us well enough to buy what we want. 

Is us, or possibly amazon…

Add to this the increased financial strain on disposable incomes and you’re left with an impossible mix, you don’t enjoy giving because you can’t afford to buy your loved ones the gifts you know they actually want.  Even if you can afford it, it appears that they already bought it themselves, having known about it six months before its release, reserved it online and received the delivery shortly thereafter.  We are a society of haves, rather than have-nots, we don’t wait for Christmases and Birthdays anymore because we live in a high speed society where the latest must-have gadget retains its desirability long enough for your hands to pass it through the self-check out and enter your PIN. 

So for next Christmas, I resolve to make my loved ones something they can’t buy in the shops, something I labour over for many hours, something that to turn a cliche, money simply cannot buy.  Given my competition however I’ll need to start tomorrow, after all, every Christmas present these days simply has to come with Blue Tooth



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